About Hiking In Heels

A self-proclaimed city girl finds out what “roughing it” is like on weekly hikes, mostly located in the San Francisco Bay Area, with recommendations and tips on how to hike in heels (figuratively) or at least how not to ruin that mani-pedi.

Where did the name Hiking in Heels come from?

In January 2008, this self-proclaimed city girl started dating a closet granola guy. When he invited her on a hike, she accepted not knowing what hiking or the great outdoors entailed. But after accepting his invitation, her first thoughts were of what to wear on this hike followed by visits to REI and Sports Basement (both stores that aren’t in Union Square or on the normal shopping route).

When she told closet granola guy that she bought new clothes and shoes, he was rather impressed. His first question was, “Did you buy shoes or are you planning on hiking in heels?” She did indeed buy shoes, but the Pumas were met with a “tsk, tsk, tsk” followed by another visit to REI and Sports Basement, this time supervised by closet granola himself.

Who knew there was so much to footwear?

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Great blog, love the rating system.

Keep up the good work, looking forward to your posts.

Happy trails,

Really liking your blog. Looking for a hike for today and found you through Google. Great advice for hikers of all skill levels. Thanks!

Thoroughly enjoyed your site, especially the rating system. I am itching to take a trip to Yosemite now.